7 Reasons why you should hire a moving company?
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Well, well!! You get emotionally attached with the place where you reside. Not just the place, with the belongings, materials, even the surroundings you have lived in. Certain circumstances might have forced you to move.  Here I present you with the 7 different reasons why hiring is a perk! Let’s get started!

  • Make the move simple

You may panic about ‘where to start?’ Not to worry! Moving companies are always ready to be your ointment. From planning, packing, security of the materials, loading- unloading, everything is done. Trust me, everything!

Your relatives might try to de-motivate you due to the high price involved. Okay, I agree with you! But for once, think with a very cool head, professionalism has certain price. When it comes to a business house, they will definitely charge you as per service provided. Hiring movers wouldn’t be a waste! Continue reading

Packing Tips for Your Kitchen
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A Kitchen is probably the hardest room to pack while moving. With several different types of things to pack, from pots and pans to wine bottles and sauces, you do need to sort through a lot of things before you’re done. So, make your kitchen packing experience a lot easier by following these 10 Kitchen Packing tips:

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5 Moving Essentials that you shouldn’t overlook
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You can’t discard the fact that moving is a major life-event; It is something that eventually happens in everyone’s life.  Moreover, it is also an overwhelming process. Next fact to state- even the most organized people and family lose their mind during this period, and find the need of good moving companies. The thing is, you would all be able to do the moving thing on your  own  if you have the proper idea about the basics of moving. Continue reading

What is better decision: Hire A Plus Chicago Movers or Do It Yourself (DIY)?
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When you decide to move, you have to take lots of decision. One of the decisions is –hire professional movers or do it yourself. Many people think that hiring movers would cost a lot. So, they avoid an idea of hiring professional movers and prefer to DIY. Continue reading

Benefits of Hiring Chicago Movers During Winters

Chicago MoversMany people prefer summer season for moving because of better weather and safer road conditions. However, moving in winter can be equally cheering and exciting. Though some of you may not like the idea of moving in winters, you will be amazed to find out, that, moving  during winter season has its own advantages. Continue reading

6 Useful Tips to Protect Yourself While Loading Your Belongings

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Moving is tedious work. You need to pack all of your stuffs, load them, take them to a new place and find space to arrange them again. In the course of all this hassle you forget about your safety. Especially while loading your stuffs in the truck, you are so much more concerned about the safety of your belongings, that you forget you could get hurt as well. You could hurt your back or pull a muscle if you mishandle a heavy load.

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10 Things You Should Keep in Mind About the Location While Selecting a College or University of Your Choice

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Higher educational degree has long been associated with higher earnings, independence and social status. Going to a college of your preference usually involves moving to a new place.
Something which is often neglected while selecting a college or university is the location. It is worthwhile spending some time investigating about the location of the college or university of your choice.

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11 Ways to Recognize Fraud Movers

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Moving is a stressful situation. That’s why you hire a moving company to take that burden of moving your stuffs, on its shoulder. You can find numbers of moving companies in the market which claim to provide affordable moving service. However, all of them may not be genuine. Be aware! They can be scam movers.

Recently, my neighbor hired a moving company as it was the cheapest one. On the moving day, they came and loaded stuffs on their truck. After that, they demanded an excessively high amount than what they had offered. They kept his goods as hostage and forced him to pay the ridiculous amount.

Be aware of such scam movers while looking for cheap options. Recognize them before they will give you a hard time.

Here a few pointers which might be helpful for you to identify them:

No on-site Inspection
Fraud movers provide you an estimate over the phone or the internet. They avoid visiting your home for on-site inspection. They provide estimates based on cubic feet rather than weight. The estimates based on the cubic feet are not valid for moving. They intentionally offer low estimates to attract the clients. Continue reading