6 Useful Tips to Protect Yourself While Loading Your Belongings

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Moving is tedious work. You need to pack all of your stuffs, load them, take them to a new place and find space to arrange them again. In the course of all this hassle you forget about your safety. Especially while loading your stuffs in the truck, you are so much more concerned about the safety of your belongings, that you forget you could get hurt as well. You could hurt your back or pull a muscle if you mishandle a heavy load.

I know that you cannot stay still when professional movers are loading your luggage; you want it to end quickly so you give them a hand. But before you do that, prepare yourself to avoid accidents. Make your moving day an injury free day. Here are a few tips which may help you to avoid injuries during the move:

Don’t Overdo
Find the thin line between doing and overdoing.

  • Don’t lift heavy items – remember that you have paid your movers do that
  • If the load that is higher than your eye level it’s a BIG NO!

Using Dolly
Use dolly to make the moving job easy on your body.

  •  While using dolly, ensure the blades are centered and under the load.
  •   Keep heavier items at the bottom.
  • Walk with dolly in front of you not at the back.
  • When the items on dolly reach your chest level that means it’s enough.
  • When going up and down the ramp, get help to support the items. They may fall on you.

Clothes and Shoes
Inappropriate clothes and shoes are one of primary reasons that can cause accidents.

  • Avoid wearing baggy clothes that could get caught on door handles or furniture
  • Wearing new or expensive clothes would be a bad idea as they can be damaged or get dirty
  • Use leather gloves if you handle large and heavy items with sharp edge
  • Sandals and open toed shoes are not made for the moving day. Go with something durable, comfortable and supportive. Good grip is a must!

Limit your Pace
The more you hurry the more chances of accidents.

  • Calm down, let the things happen slowly. Hurrying not only invites accident, it also  exhausts your body pretty quick.
  • Take breaks, time to time to relax your body.

Keep an eye on the surface you walk on.

  • Avoid walking on uneven and slippery spaces.
  • Don’t put items such as shoes, toys, trash cans on the way. You could easily stumble.
  • Don’t spill water or glue on the floor. If there is a spill, watch out for it

Posture of your body
You may suffer from back and joints pain if you do not maintain the proper posture while loading your objects. So, keep the following tips in your mind:

  • Bend your knees, not your waist while picking up and putting down heavy objects.
  • Keep your back straight and vertical. Avoid twisting it to pick up objects.
  • When carrying objects, keep them between your shoulder and waist area.
  • Plant your legs firmly when lifting heavy and large objects. Keeping one foot slightly ahead than other might help.
  • Keep your body face to face with the object.





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