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11 Ways to Recognize Fraud Movers

Scam Movers-01

Moving is a stressful situation. That’s why you hire a moving company to take that burden of moving your stuffs, on its shoulder. You can find numbers of moving companies in the market which claim to provide affordable moving service. However, all of them may not be genuine. Be aware! They can be scam movers.

Recently, my neighbor hired a moving company as it was the cheapest one. On the moving day, they came and loaded stuffs on their truck. After that, they demanded an excessively high amount than what they had offered. They kept his goods as hostage and forced him to pay the ridiculous amount.

Be aware of such scam movers while looking for cheap options. Recognize them before they will give you a hard time.

Here a few pointers which might be helpful for you to identify them:

No on-site Inspection
Fraud movers provide you an estimate over the phone or the internet. They avoid visiting your home for on-site inspection. They provide estimates based on cubic feet rather than weight. The estimates based on the cubic feet are not valid for moving. They intentionally offer low estimates to attract the clients. Continue reading