Useful Moving Tips from Professional Chicago Movers


Following tips may be helpful for you if you are moving to a new place.

  • Make a list of items you need and have before moving.
  • Get estimates from moving company like ours.
  • Collect information about the new place you are moving    into.
  • Get rid of flammable items such as gas cylinders, petrol    etc
  • Empty fuel from machines.
  • Donate old clothes if you do not use them.
  • Inform termination date to suppliers of electricity, gas, telephone etc.
  • Round up important certificates and medical reports safely.
  • Manage your finances. Transfer or close your bank accounts.
  • Transfer property, auto, medical and fire insurance.
  • Make sure vaccinations and documentation of your pets is updated.
  • Start emptying your refrigerator.
  • Register your children into new school.
  • Return borrowed items and collect loaned items.
  • Lock all doors and windows and turn off switches.
  • Be around during loading process.
  • Inspect every area carefully to make sure that nothing is left behind.
  • Be patient if you arrive at your new home before your mover.
  • Make sure you have destination agent’s name and contact number. Sign the bill of lading.
  • Make sure nothing is left behind in the truck while unloading.
  • Carry cash and traveler’s cheque for quick payments.
  • You may need to renew your driving license, revise legal papers if you are moving to another state    or another country.

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